Migrating Existing Data in Bulk

If you have existing company data that you want to pre-load into your new HR system, then we can help you migrate your data in bulk.

There are two ways of doing this:

  1. Complementary Data Load. This option is completely free of charge, and lets you migrate your existing data by simply filling out our templates and sending them over. We will load it for you, and make sure it’s all ready for you to use the first time you log on. The templates are straightforward, and you can populate them either manually, or by extracting your data to a CSV file and then pasting the contents – if you don’t know how to do this, your I.T. department should be able to help; alternatively, we offer a premium data migration service where we can take care of this for you.
  2. Premium Data Migration Service. If you don’t want to fill out our templates, but still want to pre-load your bulk data, then we can do it all for you using your raw company data. You can send us this in any format you like, and we will make sure it is all formatted and loaded onto your system. Because this is a more time-intensive process for our administration team, we apply a charge to cover the time spent processing your information – to get an estimate of cost and timing, just contact your People representative.

What’s The Difference? In A Nutshell:

Free: You extract your data, format it, populate our templates and send them over for us to load.

Paid: You send us your raw data, then we take care of formatting and populating the templates before we load. You are only paying for the time it takes our team to process your data – we are not aiming to make a profit on the paid service.

How Does a Data Migration Work?

To migrate your existing data, a few steps need to be taken:

  1. Data Extraction
    First, you will need to extract your data from your existing system. If you choose our Premium Data Migration Service, you simply pass us this raw data and we handle the rest. If you are using our Complementary Data Load, you will need to format this data before it can be loaded.
  2. Data Mapping
    You will need to ensure all of your data is organised according to the categories on our templates. For data not in the categories on the templates, you will be able to create your own information categories and add the data manually once you start using our system. If you select our Premium Data Load Service, however, we will create these extra screens for you in advance.
  3. Formatting
    Once your data is mapped, you will need to save it as a file type that our templates will accept, such as CSV, and then populate the templates. If you are using our Premium Data Migration Service, we will format and populate the data for you.
  4. Loading
    Once the templates are populated, we will take care of loading the data into your HR system for you – this is the same for both free and paid data migration services.
  5. Verification
    Once the system is loaded with your company data, we will conduct a verification to ensure all data has been loaded successfully – this is the same for both free and paid data migration services.